Frequently Asked Questions


How much ammo will I need?
That all depends on the class you are taking. Every student who is registered for a class will receive a confirmation letter prior to the class with the specific information regarding ammo for that class. Always a good idea to bring more than you need.
What type of ammo will I need?
Ammo should be full power loads. Jacketed or lead, round-nose, or factory. NO RELOADS!!!!
What equipment will I need?
Eye and ear protection.
A brimmed cap.
A quality handgun — one that you would carry or use for home defense. We suggest it be of .38 caliber or better.
Three spare magazines or speed loaders with belt pouches or carriers.
A quality concealable strong-side belt holster or duty rig — one which does not collapse and allows for one-handed holstering. Shoulder holsters, small of back holsters, cross-draws, and fanny packs are not the most appropriate for the range and will not be used.
Pen and paper for notes.
Rain gear in case of inclement weather.
Water and sunscreen.
What clothing and accessories should I wear?
Comfortable, casual clothes, appropriate for seasonal temperatures. Long sleeved shirts should be collared or tight enough around the neck that hot brass won’t go down. Pants should have a strong, quality belt capable of supporting the gun and holster. Boots, gym shoes, casual shoes, NO OPEN TOE SHOES OR FLIP FLOPS. Shoes should be appropriate for working in grass, sand, gravel, or mud if it rains. You may be standing most of the day so shoes should be comfortable. Most classes involve some kneeling, bring knee pads if you like. Some involve lying on the ground, bring a mat if you like.
How do I pay?
Classes can be paid for by cash or credit card. We ask that you pay in full when you register. This makes accounting much easier, keeping costs lower, thereby keeping tuition down. The minimum we would require to hold a space is ½ the tuition cost.